Division Book One


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 Could you live on a planet separated by sexes?

In the year 2100, Earth is overran by The Disturbed – Zombie - like creatures who can infect you with their spit or blood. Fearing for their life, a group of men and women make a hasty escape from planet Earth. For days they find themselves stuck in space and eventually develop powers. The women become telepathic, whereas the men become telekinetic.

When things seem hopeless, they finally find refuge on a planet called Gaia. There they begin anew, creating separate societies: a female society ruled by Highness called DIARA and a male society ruled by Emperor called SCIPIO. Both societies flourish and everyone appears to be happy and ignorant, or so they think.

500 years later

A young Essence and Horatio are snatched from their current lives by the very people Highness and Emperor trust with their lives, for a fight that no one is aware of. They’re both special, but neither one of them knows it yet. When these two meet for the first time, they discover a similarity they both share. One that makes them both targets of Highness and Emperor.

Join Essence and Horatio on Planet Gaia, where the lies are by the dozens, and the people you trust the most, should be the ones you fear. 


Rosewood Book One: The Guest House Witch


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 Some hatred doesn’t fade with the passage of time…

Sage Rosewood’s heart nearly stops when she arrives home to find the front door of her house open. Someone has been inside, someone supernatural with a grudge against her and her family. But this unfortunate day takes an even darker turn when she learns that her mother and aunt have been taken.

Fearing for Sage’s safety, her grandmother sends her to a safehouse in The Woodlands with strict instructions to stay hidden, but The Woodlands are far from safe. The town is teeming with supernatural life—from the handsome werewolf, Kayden, who makes her tingle in a certain place, to mysterious and possibly dangerous witches -and some of the residents still harbor a deep hatred for the Rosewood witches.

Unable to sit idly by while her family is in danger, Sage sets out to search for answers, convinced that the corrupt Guild is responsible for her mother and aunt's disappearance, but her investigation leads her straight into danger.

Will Sage be able to escape the threat nipping at her heels? Or will she disappear like the rest of her family, bringing an end to the Rosewood line?

Step into this magical world of supernatural mystery and suspense, and be prepared to stay for a spell, because this is a riveting tale you won’t want to leave. 


Rosewood Book Two: The Book Witch


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 There are no bodies to bury, no graves with marked tombstones.

There are only three books, each one belonging to a member of the Rosewood family. There is only one reason for the books to be gathered all in one place—the witches who once owned them are dead.

Sage Rosewood is now the last of her line, a burden nearly as heavy as her grief.

Kayden, the charismatic werewolf who holds her heart, tries to console her, but there is only so much his warm arms and gentle words can do when her heart aches for vengeance. She wants nothing more than to find the people who killed her family, to dispatch justice, and to bring the bodies of her loved ones home.

Walk alongside Sage in this tale of magic, mystery, and vengeance. Every chapter will leave you spellbound. 


Rosewood Book Three: The Enchanting Witch


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 Sage will have her revenge even if that means sacrificing her life in the process.

Sage is at a loss of words, after discovering who killed her family. She fears that she may not be enough to avenge their deaths. So she seeks the help of someone, but she doesn't know who this someone is, yet.

Kayden, finds his time occupied by making sure Sage doesn't endanger herself, again. Will he follow her knowing the consequences and the risk to not only his life but the life of all of his pack.

Get ready to see Sage risk it all to stop a monster who should have been stopped a long time ago.

Warning: Sexual content 

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